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Captain Gianni Bonannini

Being a yacht captain requires a combination of technical skills, leadership abilities, and a deep understanding of maritime regulations and safety procedures. A captain must be adaptable, decisive, and capable of handling a wide range of responsibilities to ensure a successful and safe voyage.

This is the perfect description of our Captain Giovanni Bonannini. He was born on July 1, 1970 in Sassari on the beautiful island of Sardenia. His vast experience began as a young child. At the age of 8, he was often seen fishing and swimming with his family. His family consisted of serval brothers all with an abundancy of nautical experience ranging from ship Captains to Coastal Guards.

Giovanni (aka Gianni) studied at the Technical Institute in La Maddalena. While studying he started deep diving and free diving lessons. At the age of 16 he received his Diving License and later on at the age of 19 acquired his Dive Master License. He then became a free diving instructor.

After graduating he then began his experience at sea:

  • Cadet Officer Petrol Tanker.
  • Power plant engineer on an American NATO base (7 years).
  • Captain on UNIESSE 19.70 in Porto Cervo (6 years).
  • Chief Engineer on Mangusta 39 mt Zed (2 years).
  • Specialized mechanic for nautical and earthmoving vehicles for a company involved in the removal of shipwrecks in the Gulf of Guinea.
  • Junction officer on ADAMAS ship (6 years).
  • Captain of the Yacht Cranchi 14 m Laura.

Section Commander Gianni Bonannini
Captain on Wally 14 meters and current Captain on ICEBERG Canados 23 meters (since 2023).

Giovanni has many passions, but his first one is his family. He has 6 children all ranging from different ages. He is married to Michelle. He also has many hobbies such as playing the trumpet, cooking and fishing. But his real passion during his free time is designing handcrafted knives and fishing spears.

“I cherish the beauty of the Sea, and Archipelago of La Maddalena, where the lights and colours of the sun and moon touch your soul”